With so many SEO agencies to choose from, both nationally and internationally, picking an ideal SEO agency for your business can be an intimidating prospect when you start searching. We all know that SEO is a crucial aspect of getting your business visible online.

However, how do you know you’re getting a good ROI? After all, a lot of SEO can’t be measured by the consumer, so how do you avoid getting ripped off? This article will give you 5 important things to look for in any SEO agency you’re thinking of working with.

1. A wide portfolio

Employing an SEO agency isn’t a one-off thing. It’s likely going to involve many months of communication and work to get your business to the kind of Google rankings you want. Therefore, you want to find a reputable SEO agency with a portfolio, demonstrating their effectiveness and displaying (hopefully) positive testimonials from previous clients.

If you don’t see a portfolio on the agencies’ website, don’t be afraid to ask for some work examples (case studies) or a break-down of their previous clients. Reputable SEO providers won’t mind in the slightest.

2. Realistic estimations

If you’ve been promised a top 3 Google ranking in 7 days, you’re speaking with the wrong agency. In truth, no agency can guarantee a certain ranking within a certain time-frame.

SEO is an on-going process, so if you’re being offered a service that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The last thing you want is an SEO agency using unethical (black-hat) methods in an attempt to fool search engines.

3. No contacts

Contacts are never good news in SEO. You don’t want to be tied in, especially when no agency can guarantee the results you want. Find an agency that lets you pay monthly, and you’ll feel a lot more secure knowing that you’re not tied into any contracts stopping you from finding a more efficient provider if required.

4. Relevant certifications

Relevant certifications mean the agency has proved its prowess in SEO. Certifications can be for Google Analytics, PPC and more. Note- each search engine has unique certifications for different SEO/advertising methods.

5. Willing to educate

If you want to save money on your SEO activity, one of your best bets is to find an agency that is willing to educate you in all things SEO whilst undertaking your campaign.

Admittedly, there’s not so many of these agencies around (for obvious reasons), but if you find one, you can not only let them develop a strong SEO strategy for your business, you can learn about their methods and develop your understanding of search engine optimization.

SEO isn’t a dirty secret you don’t want to know about, it involves a number of tactics that you should really be clued into.

Additionally, learning SEO from a reputable agency can not only establish a great working relationship, but you will also be in a better position to decide if the work being carried out for you is as effective and worthwhile as promised.

Good luck with your SEO agency sourcing process.

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