The real purpose of search engine optimization is to make all of your web pages as friendly as possible to every search engine that will be sending robots and spiders to your pages to seek out exactly what kind of content your website holds. That is all there is to it. You don’t need to know a thing about algorithms or programming, but you do need to know how search engines work.


All search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and AOL Search send out electronic spiders to visit your site and copy your web page’s content. It will then store that information in the search engine’s database where it will be looked at later by a human to decide how relevant your content is to the page description elements you described to the search engine upon first submission and also visit on seo company.

A spider will read your web site pages by line from left to right beginning on your front main title screen area. If a link is discovered, the spider will then follow that link to the web pages it is connected to. You don’t need to worry about a spider finding everything you have added to your web pages, believe me, it will. That’s why you have to make sure before you have submitted your web pages to a search engine, that you have no bad links to duplicate sites that will get you banned from a mega search engine like Google and you can also check virtual photo booth.


Best SEO Techniques to Improve Your Google Rankings 1

To get the highest ranking possible upon first submission to any search engine, you need to help the spider find all of your relevant text with the smoothest ease possible. The best way to do this is to generate great text links that will lead the spider to a text-base site map, which will allow the spider to navigate your entire website very fluidly. A really good site map should include five or six main title headers along with four sub-headers underneath them which clearly state the subjects or topics on every web page on your site.


There are four basic areas that all spiders are examining upon entering your web pages.

1. Your site’s URL

2. Your site’s main title

3. Description Meta Tag

4. Good content

Your title should be written with the strongest possible keyword you can find that describes your main home page perfectly. For a perfect title, you should not use more than three words in describing what your site represents to the web surfers who might be trying to reach a site such as yours. For example, if your site deals with selling web content to site owners, a good title would be: “Web Content Sales”.

The importance of a well written Description Mega Tag cannot be overlooked either. This is the primary way in which search engines gather information on your subject matter or theme of your web pages. The best way to write a Description Meta Tag would be to phrase the description in two or three complete sentences with a very strong keyword phrase embedded in each sentence.


Best SEO Techniques to Improve Your Google Rankings 2

Search engine spiders are notorious for reading 100 percent of every web page’s entire content, so be sure that every keyword and every text description on your web pages are completely free of grammatical and spelling errors before submitting them to any search engine. If you hire a good SEO Company Gold Coast and you have quality content that includes good basic body text, your web site design should not have to be compromised when it comes to the look, feel and functionality of your web site.

Keep your content design extremely simple. Meaning, avoid duplicate content and restrain yourself or your SEO Company from building doorway pages specifically constructed for search engine placement. Google is very harsh when it comes to punishing web sites that employ this practice, so proceed with caution if you are considering doing this for your own web site.

Instead, you should place keyword phrases such as “Star Wars Toys” alongside single keywords like “cheapest” or “unique” when describing your “Star Wars” merchandise if that is what you are selling on your main site. This method allows the spiders to see a relationship between these words which will result in a higher page ranking because of the strong relevance to each other.

As long as you keep your SEO campaign as simple as possible, your site should have no problem in getting the highest ranking possible on Google.

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