Technology brings wonderful changes to our society. The use of digital gadgets and the internet prove a great change for kids and android to secure your kids. They use the internet and social media to communicate, sharing personal data like videos, photos, live location, and music. The usage of electronic devices internet and social media is increase with time. It changes the way to live in society and turns socialization with digital gadgets. But on the other hand, electronic access also comes with the risk like cyber bullying, online predators. Parents should be aware of kids what they see or hear on the internet, who they meet, and exchange their personal information.

Kids with digital gadgets

Spy app for android is to monitor kids all activities on the cell phones, internet and social media. Kids used to carry smartphones with them all time. They want some privacy it’s understandable but they get independent, it is time to show concern and watch them secretly and secure them from any danger. Social networking sites and the internet can destroy the kid’s nature.

Smart devices bring the risk for kids

While using the digital gadgets kids bring with them some of the online risks which they don’t know. How can they destroy through several ways.

Carnal content

Internet is filled with all kinds of content it depends on users what they found while using it. The child may search such content and they stumble upon it accidentally. They search or most of the timeshares the vulnerable content with their friends.  

Cyber bullying

It is any form of online bullies which takes place online through smartphones and digital devices. It involves social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, YouTube, and other chat rooms. With the advancement in social networking sites, cyber bullying is increasing every day. 


Phishing is a kind of online scam that manipulates human behavior to get valuable information, password, or banking information. Phishing is in accord with text, email, or messages.

Cyber predators

Cyber predators are very common on the internet to taking the advantage of childhood innocence. It is just Lake of kid’s supervision and awareness. These predators lurk on the social media gaming platform that appeals to children.

Tips to secure kids from online activities

There are some tips to save your child from smart devices and the internet.

  • An open conversation about the online issue to your children while using smart phones.
  • Parents should watch all activities of kids offline and online.
  • Parents should aware of all friends of their kids, whom they share their personal information even photos, home location.
  • Keep control of family digital devices, its core need of time to keep an eye on all activities.

The best android spy app to secure kids

Mobile phone tracking app is best to track all online activities. It keeps an eye on children to monitor them secretly. Parents should use this application to track all android devices of their kids.

The flexible features of cell phone monitoring application

Phone data

It provides a facility to monitor multimedia on sharing photos, videos on the targeted phone gallery.

Web browser history

Users can get all the browsing history of the targeted cellphone.

Screenshots of phone screen

Spy software easily captures the screenshot of the targeted mobile phones.

Screen recorder

This application provides the facility to record videos of android screen and send to control panel in real –time.


It can monitor Password remotely which is set on the android devices desktop screen.

Call recorder

Remotely record all calls and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls using call recorder software.

Set prohibited areas

Users can mark restricted areas on the map and get the notification when their child visits dangerous places in surroundings neighborhoods.

Keystroke logging

Monitor the all applied keys on android devices, like email, messenger, and SMS keystrokes.

Social media spying

Users can monitor all social media app messenger, line, Facebook, Instagram, Kik, IMO, Whatsapp.

Record android surround

It is helpful to spy android phone and record the surrounding sounds of the targeted device and record the sounds around them.


Kids are obsessed with cellphones and spend hours on the screen. Android spying app is helpful for parents to monitor their kids secretly. 

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