Thanks for visiting Blog Hunk’s Comment Policy Page.

Here we’ll discuss something about the policies you should follow while commenting on our blog. Besides posts, comments are also valuable in a way to share your opinions or thoughts with other readers. I highly encourage readers to put some comments and will accept all comments which are in the scope of the topic & comments which can help us grow & correct our mistakes.

But because of the High Volume of Spam commentators, There are though, a few cultural and general guidelines that I’d love for you to follow as well as a few things you need to know:

Why Comment Policy?

Comments for a blog are important and the owner of a blog always gets happy to see that someone commented on his blog. This also makes me very happy, comments are appreciated by this Community. Keep in mind that we never publish a comment without passing it through Moderation.

There are many blogs who have comment policy for their site, to prevent Spamming and negative comments. Does your blog have? We just started our blog in the starting of June 2012. And were very passionate to blog on it and to make it a better community for Bloggers.


This blog was receiving lots of comments whenever a new post was published. Most people in their comment appreciate our post but others were SPAMMERS and we strongly hate SPAM. Spamming was increasing very faster so, we had to find a solution for them. We just then thought to discover a comment policy for the blog. This will not only stop Spam but will also make some rules to comment. 

Action Against SPAMMER

If a person continuously spamming on Guide Please! then the outcome would be the ban of IP address, means losing the key to success. So please leave positive comments to be live and let others alive.

We’re not arguing with you but try to understand Guide Please! is very serious in order of providing high-quality service to its users. Anyhow, we’re glad to find you here and read comment policy of the community carefully.


Using Keywords is not Allowed

Using keywords or any type of abuses instead of your real name is not allowed. You must use your real name or nickname. The comments posted using a keyword such as “Make Money” or abuse rubbish, duffer, illiterate or others, will be listed in the list of spammers.

Use Valid Email

We encourage our blog commentators, always to use a valid email address while commenting at any blog post. We take care of your email addresses as well as possible, and we ensure that your email addresses will not be published/shared with to any third-party.

It would be better if you leave a comment using a real email address. Emails that look like Spam will also be flagged as Spam.

A comment must be in English

All the comments are moderated according to the comment policy. Make sure that your comment in English Language only, otherwise, we can’t accept the comments that are posted in any other language. Lots of people are there, who don’t know English, so they post the comment in their native language. Which opposes our policy. Kindly never comment in your native language.

A comment must be related to the post

Comments must be related to the blog post. And should be negative or SPAM. We are strongly against SPAM. Make sure, your comment won’t contain abuses or any type of keywords. Please use the appropriate comment.

Thank you so much for your understanding. Contact us using the contact form if you have any question regarding Comment Policy. (last updated, July 13, 2012)