Currently, the competition is very high in the WWW industry, there are millions of web sites trying to get into the top of the Search Engine’s Search results page(SERP). That is the reason why SEO has become crucial in improving the rankings of the websites & with ever-evolving Search Engine Algorithms it is important for the SEO’s to follow some basic SEO tips to not get penalized by Search Engines.

There are many ranking factors which influence the position of your webpages in Search engine results page, some ranking factors which are positive now can send negative signals over course of time but there are some ranking factors which doesn’t change much. Let’s see some Basic Ranking Factors which Every SEO should follow while optimizing their websites for Search Engines.

Easy to Follow SEO Tips & Techniques

Accessible to Search Engines :

Make sure your website can be accessed by Search Engines, If you don’t allow Search Engines to crawl your website pages or step them from being indexed then there is no chance for you to get ranked in Search Engine results.

Multiple Page Title Elements :

It’s best practice to have a single title for your webpage. If you manipulate your website to have different titles for user’s and search engine’s then it’s not going to do anything good for you over time.

Keyword Stuffing in the URL :

Keyword stuffing in the URL may be considered as SPAM tactic by search engines & doing so will be considered severely by Search Engines & can have a negative impact on your website ranking.

Proper Meta Description :

While it’s not a Ranking Factor any more, but it can convey to users easily about what the content of your webpage is going to be & thereby you can have Good click-through rate.

These are some Search Engine Ranking Factors which I believe doesn’t change much in the future, hope you follow the above SEO tips to better your Website rankings in the Search Engine Results page.

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