When you are looking for more traffic for your website, then you have to take the help of free SEO and paid SEM. Moreover, these tools are an ingredient part of the website promotion as well. For, you are the owner of the website, you will look for the best solution for your website promotion. In this direction, you will able to do it without any fuss.

Sometimes you will feel that you like to save a lot of money for campaigning your website, and then you can go for free SEO as well. But, it can work for you in a little way. So, if you like to get the best response from your effort, then you should go for the paid SEM as it will work well but you have to pay a handsome for it.

Free SEO and Paid SEM, the only ways to get more traffic image

Free SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you are going to use the free SEO for your website promotion, then you will have to do it without spending any money. Moreover, you will able to get the traffic from it without any problem.

But, the main difference from free SEO to paid SEM is that the free SEO uses the long-tailed keywords which will bring the limited traffic to your website whereas the paid SEM will use the short-tailed keywords which will bring the huge traffic for your needs as well.

It is observed that when you are using the free SEO service, you will get the less competitive keywords which will give you an average performance.

Actually, it will rise only 5% of your previous traffic counts which you are getting without paying any money from your pocket. When you are on a tight budget, then you will opt for the free SEO only. Otherwise, you should get the services from the paid SEM.

When you are putting the main keywords in your website content, you should have to choose from the less competitive keywords. But, if you like to get the maximum benefit from the keywords, then you have to take help from an SEO expert as well.

Paid SEM

When you will use the paid SEM service, you will get the professional approach to it. Moreover, you will get better competitive keywords which will convert well in the search engine ranking list.

Since then you will get the competitive keywords which will give you a broader exposure to the internet community and also you will get the huge traffic from it. Even, all SEM works will be done by the SEM professional.

So, you don’t have to worry about the proper implementation of the SEM technology in your website promotion as well. Moreover, when the competitive keywords convert well in the search engine, then you will able to get the result immediately after the completion of the paid SEM works.

One thing you should remember that the competitive keywords work well in any special event or festive occasions. So, in this direction, you should use the paid SEM service for your website promotion as well.

So, whether you will use the free SEO or the paid SEM service which totally depends on your resources and requirement. But, always remember that the paid service will give the maximum return against your investment in the website promotion.

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