To prepare your body for healthy life style

Gratitude to our food, we can improve our blood circulation, whether it is by strengthening the vessels or by expanding the vessels and good intimate life. This increases the blood flow required for a male erection and, in general, the private parts’ irrigation. Enough to tone your body and give it the energy it needs for love.

What to do?

Asparagus can be grilled, sauteed, steamed, or roasted.

Eat reasonable portions

Measuring your parts is always a good idea whether you are at home or dining out.

Fill half of your plate with vegetables, excluding the potatoes. Fill a quarter of the plate with whole cereals such as brown rice or whole-grain pasta for good intimate life. The last quarter of the plate is kept for meat and options, such as beans, tofu, or low-fat cheese.

Avoid over-serving yourself and refueling

In the restaurant, it is possible to order one cocktail only. Alternatively, you can also request a small part or take the leftovers with you when you leave the restaurant.

Quit smoking

This is one of the most efficient ways to lower your chance of another stroke. You may feel like leaving is too much of a challenge, but there are plenty of resources to help you when you are ready. Here are some tips to get you started:

Think about the pros and cons of quitting smoking. Try to imagine how much better you will feel and how proud you will feel when quitting smoking. Fildena or vidalista 60 are best cure for impotence.

Understand your smoking addiction. It is psychological as well as physical.

Eat less added sugar

Added sugar gives energy in the form of calories but has no other nutritional benefits. When we don’t require these calories, we store them as fat for a good intimate life. Healthy eating tips do not specify how much sugar you should eat. However, it is sure that you will keep a healthy weight if you decrease your sugar consumption.


Water or unsweetened tea;

Less sweet foods. Check the amount of sugar on the labels. One teaspoon is four grams of sugar.

  • Avoid or consume in moderation:
  • Cakes and pastries;
  • Sugary drinks,
  • Including soft drinks and fruit juices.


Added or combined sugars increase blood glucose levels, damage the cardiovascular system, and make it harder to keep good blood sugar levels and a healthy weight for a good intimate life. To avoid plain sugars hidden in foods, it is suggested to check the nutritional information table on the packaging and pick products that carry less than 5 g of sugar per serving.

This rule does not apply to fruit juices. Natural and dairy products naturally contain sugar. Sugar shouldn’t be the main component in food. This is when the first word appearing on the list of ingredients is “sugar” or another sweetening product: maple syrup, brown sugar, glucose, fructose, honey, cane sugar, molasses, corn syrup.

Bad fats

Too high a level of bad cholesterol makes deposits of bad fats in the arteries and hinders blood circulation throughout the body, including the penis. To make your cholesterol back to normal, it is necessary to make sure that you take foods high in good fats while decreasing those containing bad fats for a good intimate life.

Other habits not supported:

  • Tobacco
  • Stress
  • Inactive lifestyle

Diet remedy against andropause: practical advice daily

Eat a dinner low in meat and fat, high in carbohydrates, vegetarian type: chili without meat, minestrone, rice with chicken and vegetables, etc.

Avoid foods containing caffeine in the evening coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, energy drinks.

Avoid large amounts of alcohol.

Eat fish daily and fatty fish at least once a week.

Make homemade smoothies with whey protein, ground flax and pumpkin seeds, and fresh fruit.

Whenever you put food in your mouth, ask yourself if you are starving.

During the best times to take more alcohol, bring water and juice to moderate your consumption.

Replace coffees taken during the day with decaf or herbal teas

Systematically fill half the plate with vegetables.

At the restaurant, prefer fish from the menu and ask for vegetables to accompany

Now prefer particular products: bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta, multi-grain bakery products, high-fiber cereals, etc.

As a snack, favor milk, soy milk, yogurt, and cheese with less than 20% fat, accompanied by fruits, vegetables, or oilseeds.

To go further: what is the connection between sleep and andropause?

Lack of sleep can influence testosterone creation, and lack of testosterone gives to belly fat gain, leading to sleep apnea difficulties. It’s a bad circle. Therefore, it is necessary to put eating habits that will lead to weight loss if required or weight stabilization

Asparagus among the aphrodisiac foods

For thousands of years, many cultures around the world have appreciated the aphrodisiac qualities of asparagus. Why can a body loved with passion end up being indifferent or, worse, disgusting?

The Greeks talked of it in love dislikes. Vidalista 40 and Tadalista are also used for ED problems. Simultaneously, the Kamasutra suggests drinking its infusions French culture; it is said to eat asparagus three times a day before the marriage to increase the wedding night’s desire.

Asparagus includes aspartic acid, which supports excess ammonia in the body, which causes weakness and decreased physical desire.

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