In this blog, we’ll talk about the Highest Paying Programming Languages which you can learn in 2023. If you know how to use these programming languages well, you can make a lot of money and be stable in the future. So let’s get started.

Well, programming is a high-paying field of work that can lead to an amazing future, a very high salary, worldwide recognition, and a lot of stability.

However, the number of programming jobs is expected to grow by 21% by 2028, according to the most recent data. 

However, most developers today know a lot about standard programming languages like Java, Python, etc. that are used by a lot of people. But knowing less common programming languages like Golang, Ruby, etc. can increase your salary in a specific profession.

You’ve come to the right place if you don’t know which programming language you need to learn to make a lot of money.

Which are the Highest Paying Programming languages?

When looking for a job that uses a programming language, it’s important to compare the pay that an employer is offering to the average pay in the field. Is the pay a lot more than usual? How much less? This will help you put the job offer into context as you start weighing your options and picking your favorites.

Here is a list of the programming languages that pay the most:

Programming LanguagesSalaries

Explanation: Highest Paying Programming Languages

1. Swift

It is one of the most demanded highest paying programming languages. Swift is a versatile, cutting-edge programming language developed by Apple. It has a wide variety of applications, but by far the most common and widespread is the creation of apps for Apple’s iOS and macOS.

It could be the most important language to come out in the last few years. Swift is a compiled, general-purpose programming language made by Apple Inc. for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux. It is compatible with many major programming languages.

Since there aren’t enough highly skilled programmers on the market right now, and companies want to fill in the gaps in R&D projects, if you know one of the above languages, you’ll have a better chance of getting a higher salary.

2. Scala

Scala is a powerful, general-purpose programming language that was designed to facilitate functional programming.

Scala is an abbreviation for “scalable language,” which means that it was made to grow and change as the number of people who use it (and their needs) change. It is one of the top three. It is a high-level programming language that is both object-oriented and functional. 

It can be turned into Java bytecode and run on a Java virtual machine. It was first made to fix some of the things people said were wrong with Java. It has a strong community of people who love it. It is also near some good libraries, which makes it easy to get started.

The inclusion of Scala in our list is notable because of its condensed form. Many of the features were developed in response to common complaints about Java.

3. Go

It is one of the most demanded highest paying programming languages. Google made the programming language Go in 2009. It is free to use by anyone. It is similar to the C programming language, but it has many more features, such as memory safety, garbage collection, and structural typing, among others.

The main idea behind Go was to make a language that could be used to make software that is simple, reliable, and fast.

Go is the most popular of the high-paying programming languages on our list. In 2022, 11.15 percent of developers said they had used it a lot.

So, let’s say you want to learn a new programming language that has the most available jobs. In that case, Go might be a good choice.

4. Clojure

Well, Clojure is first on our list of the programming languages that pay the most.

Clojure is a dynamic, general-purpose programming language that combines the ease of use and interactive development of scripting languages with a fast and reliable infrastructure that is best for programming with multiple threads.

Clojure is a type of Lisp, which is another language on our list. In this way, it has the same code-as-data philosophy as Lisp. This means that Clojure lets the computer handle instructions in the language as if they were data being handled by a program that is already running.

Clojure is mostly a functional programming language with many data structures that don’t change and stay the same.

In the real world, Clojure is often used to deal with a lot of data. Employers can benefit from utilizing developers in the areas of artificial intelligence and data mining.

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5. F#

F# is a strong-typed, multi-paradigm programming language that can be used for a wide range of tasks.

Even though it is called a “multi-paradigm” language, one of its most important features is functional programming. Because of this, many programmers think of it as a functional-first language.

Still, F# still works with other ways of programming, like imperative and object-oriented programming.

F# is often listed as one of the best-paying programming languages, and the Developer Survey has put it at the top for many years.

But, as we’ll talk about later in this article, it’s not a language that developers use very often.

6. Perl

Perl is a general-purpose programming language that has been developed for more than 30 years. It is very powerful and has a lot of features. Larry Wall made the first version of Perl in 1987. It now works on more than 100 platforms, from portables to mainframes.

Technically, “Perl” is a group of programming languages that are similar to each other. We now have Perl 6, or Raku, the newest member of the Perl family. It came out in 2019.

In any case, it’s important to note that Perl 6 (Raku) is a completely distinct programming language with its own set of developers.

Because Perl is so old, there is a lot of talk about whether or not it is a dead language and whether or not it is still worth learning. But the 2022 Developer Survey shows that Perl programmers still make some of the most money.

7. Ruby

It is one of the widely known highest paying programming languages. Ruby is also a popular high-level, dynamic programming language. Ruby was made to work with different ways of programming and make developers more efficient.

Software developers often use Ruby to make desktop apps, websites, data processing services, tools for automating tasks, and much more.

Ruby developers can not only make a lot of money but there are also a lot of jobs for them because Ruby is so popular.

8. SQL

SQL is a type of programming language that is used to manage data in a relational database management system (RDBMS) or in a relational data stream management system (RDSMS).

By the way, we know that a data scientist’s data source is very important, so we’ve made a list of 70 Amazing Free Data Sources You Should Know.

SQL is still used by companies like Google, Helix, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon, which pay SQL programmers $70,000 to $90,000 a year.

9. Elixir

Elixir is a general-purpose, functional programming language that runs on the BEAM virtual machine, which Erlang also uses. In reality, Elixir is built on top of Erlang, and the two languages have a lot in common when it comes to making software.

Even though it has some things in common with Erlang, it is a much more popular and loved programming language. Nearly 75% of people who answered the Stack Overflow Survey said they loved the language and want to keep using it in the future. Only 54% of people said the same thing about Erlang.

10. Rust

It is slowly becoming one of the best highest paying programming languages. Rust is a newer programming language that was made at Mozilla between 2006 and 2009. It is similar to Go. It is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm language that was made to use memory well and run quickly.

Rust has been used (and is still used) by big tech companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Dropbox, and others since it was made.

It is also one of the most popular programming languages on our list. 9.32% of the people who answered the Stack Overflow Survey said they used it a lot in 2022.

Rust was the “most loved” of all the high-paying programming languages that were looked at. Over 86% of the people who answered said they love the language and want to keep using it.

Wrap Up

These are some of the highest paying programming languages in the world. One could learn more than 200 different programming languages, but which ones pay the most? So, which ones should you start to pay attention to?

We looked at more than 10 million job postings from all over the world. This gave us a better idea of the market and the most popular and well-paid languages.

That’s everything you need to know about the 10 best programming languages to learn in 2023.

If you want to learn a new technology this year, I recommend either Scala or Clojure. Both are high-paying technologies with a bright future.

Scala is a great choice for Java developers, and if you want to become a data scientist, R is the first language you should learn.

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