How to Show or Hide WordPress Widgets in Posts, Pages, Home

Some times you may had felt the necessity to show certain ad’s only on Specific posts & hide them on all other posts. If you don’t have development Knowledge on WordPress then you may need to hire a developer for doing the task. Don’t think of hiring a developer I will show you how to […]

Types of WordPress Theme Frameworks

WordPress Theme Frameworks provides you with ready to use code library which can be used to develop themes/child themes for your WordPress site in less amount of time. These Frameworks eliminates some of the repetitive work that needs to be done with any custom WordPress Theme. According to Justin Tadlock, A framework is a solidly […]

5 Best WordPress Wedding Themes

These day’s it has come as a trend to create wedding blogs or sites on the eve of getting married. So are you one of those looking for building your wed site on your own but don’t know where to start! Then start with WordPress & use any of the Best WordPress wedding theme listed […]

How Secure Is Your Website (Infographic)

Enforcing the appropriate cybersecurity measures has become a vital requirement for business organizations of all sizes, as the modern marketplace is increasingly relying on storefronts, virtual media and relationship management. The World Wide Web consists of almost 15 billion pages distributed in more than 600 million websites. That being said, it is obvious that every […]

4 Easy to Follow SEO Tips & Techniques

Currently, the competition is very high in the WWW industry, there are millions of web sites trying to get into the top of the Search Engine’s Search results page(SERP). That is the reason why SEO has become crucial in improving the rankings of the websites & with ever-evolving Search Engine Algorithms it is important for […]

How Local Listing Help Your SEO Campaign

If you want information on a local business these days all you have to do is point and click your mouse to get all of the information that you need. This expansion of technology with both computers and mobile devices has helped more and more people be able to look at and purchase online products. […]

5 Qualities That Make An SEO Specialist Stand Out

The Internet has definitely changed how the world works in a myriad of ways. And among these many things included in the vast change is business. Today, many businesses are using the Internet to make more sales and boost profitability. It has certainly become an indispensable tool in expanding one’s consumer base and improving exposure. […]

Real Social Bookmarking Sites that bring you Traffic & Back Links

In Short: Having One-way Backlinks from Well organized & High Page Rank websites to the Internal pages of your website will increase your website Authority in Google going forward. The recommended strategy here in Building One Way Backlinks is to bookmark on Social Bookmarking sites that do not use the ‘no follow‘ tag. But I […]