Priority Mail is a parcel delivery service from United States Parcel Service (USPS). It comes with a tracking code, and they promise to deliver it in 1 to 3 business days.

Now, the point we are going to discuss here is that different people need to send a different size of a box somewhere. To handle this customer need, USPS has introduced different size boxes.

If you want to mail your parcel through USPS Priority Mail, you need to choose a box that meets your quantity to be shipped. You also need to know USPS priority mailing rates.

How do USPS priority mail rates work? This article discusses how much you will have to pay when you use Priority Mail from USPS. Continue reading if you want to ship parcels like a pro.

USPS Priority Mailing Features

People choose USPS priority mailing for a variety of reasons. Let us discuss the salient features of Priority Mail from USPS. Some of the main features of this service have been illustrated below:  

  • Tracking:
  • Fast Delivery:
  • $50 Insurance:
  • Flat Rate Pricing:
  • Saturday Delivery:
  • Free Package Pickup:
  • No surcharges for fuel:

USPS Priority Mail Rate Details

It is time to start the most important topic for today. In this part, we are going to discuss how USPS Priority Mail works. Continue reading to learn more about this important and interesting topic.

Media Mail

Do you want to send books, CDs, DVDs, printed music, and similar products to your customers or friends? You need Media Mail of USPS Priority Mail if your answer is yes. The cost of this convenient and quick service is just $6 per mail.

First-Class Shipping

This is a good option for many of you. You can ship items that weigh from one pound to 16 ounces. This service is going to cost $2.76 to $5.12. This option is going to save you a lot of money if the capacity in first-class shipping is enough for your parcel.

Flat-Rate Envelops

These envelops are quite popular across the United States. You can deliver your items through this delivery service by paying $6.75 only. You can use this delivery service for a variety of products. For letters, documents, clothes, and anything that fits in it. Legal size flat rate will costs $7.04.

Padded Flat Rate Envelops

Clothing or anything over a pound that fits into these envelops will be good for this padded flat rate envelops. You can use these envelops to ship heavier and denser things such as metals, games, jeans and sweaters using these envelops. This amazing delivery service only costs $7.33.

Tyvek Envelops

If you are not able to fit your items into these envelops, you can try free tyvek envelops from your local post office. This option will suit you if you have to deliver one of more items that weight more than one pound. It is good for sending jackets or weight up to 3 pounds and similar items of similar weight.

Additional Information

Many things are smooth and easy to understand, but you need to read their terms and conditions. Some of the important things to know are:

  • For Businesses: For individuals, USPS has different rules, and they have different rules for businesses.
  • Shipping to a Military Post Office: Some special rules apply if you want to ship something to a military post office.
  • Mailing Restrictions & Prohibitions: Some extra rules apply when in case you have to deliver special or prohibited items.

The Bottom Line

You have read how much you will have to pay when you use Priority Mail from USPS. In the end, we can say that USPS priority mailing is a wonderful option for online and offline businesses that have to deliver products to their customers on a regular basis.

If you are an online store or you sell online through Amazon or eBay, you should try this amazing option. In case you need more details, you can read more articles on this topic.

I will love to hear from you if you want to add something to this discussion. If you find something wrong in here, it would be highly appreciated if you point that out.

Are you ready to use USPS Priority Mail like a professional? Are you ready to deliver your products to your customers fast? I wish you all the best with your parcel shipping goals.

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