Enforcing the appropriate cybersecurity measures has become a vital requirement for business organizations of all sizes, as the modern marketplace is increasingly relying on storefronts, virtual media and relationship management.

The World Wide Web consists of almost 15 billion pages distributed in more than 600 million websites. That being said, it is obvious that every webmaster should seriously take cybersecurity into consideration, as anyone can be a victim of some kind or other of Internet mischief.

Attacks from hackers cost serious trouble and resources for bank accounts to counter phishing attempts. Even Denial of Service attacks (DoS attacks) is not only suffered by important business organizations or corporate bank clients, but almost every individual can also find himself in the list of victims.

Needless to mention, the impact of receiving such attacks can be overwhelming. Not only essential and extremely sensitive information can be lost but also the economic cost of handling such inconvenience can be astronomical. For instance, the cyberattack that Sony’s PlayStation Network suffered in 2011, cost the company $171 million dollars. Besides, it had to face massive litigation and it hasn’t still been able to regain customer trust.

According to experts, more than 85% of websites are vulnerable to some kind of attack, including some of the top 500 most highly-trafficked websites. Therefore, each company should have a well developed, strong and easy plan to enforce cybersecurity. If you are a blogger, at least you could use these easy steps to protect your WordPress site.

Enjoy this infographic to learn more about your website security. Implement some securing measures to the best you can, before anything is too late. To choose a secure hosting plan, here is an excellent resource by whoishostingthis.com.


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