Finding an affordable SEO company is something that some companies will struggle with, but there are things to look for that set the best SEO firms apart from the rest.

Never trust a single matchmaker, never trust a childless parenting expert and never trust an SEO firm with a low site ranking.  All of this is good advice for sorting through “experts” who claim to know what they are talking about and those who have the experience to do what they claim they can do. 

The competition for SEO services is fierce, and many companies will make wild claims about their ability to raise a company’s website ranking, but the reality is that very few SEO firms have the ability and the resources to follow through on those claims.  T

here are several things that a business can look for when hiring an SEO firm that will ensure that the company is getting the best SEO firm available.

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When it comes to the service industry, references are the key to growing a solid business.  An SEO firm should have a list of previous clients that you can either contact or search for in order to see what SEO has done for them. 

If you are able to contact the client, ask about how their site was influenced by the SEO firm and whether or not they still use that firm for their SEO services.  If you have to run a search for the referenced company, where does that company’s site show up in the search engine rankings?

After going through SEO, the company should be ranked high on the list of search engine results, otherwise, the SEO firm may not be as good as they claim to be.

Their Ranking

Another way to check the validity of an SEO firm’s claims is to check out the keywords associated with SEO and see where the firm falls in those rankings.  Things like “cheap SEO services”, “comprehensive SEO solutions” and “affordable SEO company” are the lifeblood of the SEO industry.

If the company that you want to do business with does not rank high in those keywords it may be a sign that they are not a very effective firm. 

A successful SEO company should be able to rank up their own website so that it is visible to potential customers, and an SEO firm that does not do that either does not have the right SEO strategy or it is not aggressive enough to compete and give you digital marketing services.


SEO firms may make promises to a business, but can the firm follow through on those promises and give the clients what they paid for.  In the SEO industry, there are goals to set and strive for, and there are a lot of promises that can be made.

Unfortunately, many of those promises are empty, because the SEO firm cannot do what it claims.  For instance, if the SEO firm claims that it can give a company a number one ranking for a competitive keyword, the firm is being misleading. The variables involved in reaching a number one ranking are so random that it is impossible to make that promise. 

If the firm claims that it can set a short timetable to accomplish the company’s goals, then the SEO firm is out of line. SEO takes a long time, and rankings cannot be improved overnight.

It is possible to find the right SEO firm for just about any business, but the company may have to do some research to find the best SEO solution.

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