In the past when, science was not that much advanced, especially talking about the entertainment sector, kids and teens had so many options and a variety of exposure to the real outside world. A lot of hobbies and free time leisure activities can be pursued and followed by in that time. But now time has changed. My teen takes five different angle photos of the meal before eating in the restaurant for different social media apps. Well, I become a silent observer and sit with patience as there could be a boomerang, a Slowmo, gif image, or video of the meal, and my voice can make things unprofessional. Sometimes I sit like a good saint mother, other times I just start eating without waiting a sec because my hamburger can’t wait for the photoshoot.

The short invention of the internet and the introduction of social media has changed our lives. You can now let the whole world know about your dinner or can simply go live while visiting the church on Sunday morning. Make new friends on the social media app, find the old ones, and block the irritating ones as well to completely knock them out of your lives. Among social media apps, the use of the instant messaging app is also a common hobby of today’s teens. They are obsessed with the variety of instant messaging app and use them more frequently than the simple cellular text or call service. One of the apps that are commonly used all over the world by almost every age group is Viber.

Viber offers call and messaging services with a lot of attractive features. One who has access to the internet can use this service to contact anyone around the globe. These social media apps have a lot of contribution to making the world a global village. With a lot of features and opportunities, this is now the mere responsibility of the parents to keep the kid’s social media activities under strict monitoring. No other way is more efficient and best other than using cell phone spy software.It offers a Viber recorder that records and saves every Viber activity of your teen for you.

Get In the Viber Chat Box:

Get into the Viber chat box of your teen and know about their daily conversation.text messages, chats, and discussion with the help of the OgyMogy spy app. Make sure there is no use of abusive or foul language in the text box of your kid. OgyMogy provides remote access to the chatbox thus monitoring becomes very simple and easy with the OgyMogy spy app.

Who Is Video Calling Your Kid?:

Viber offer video and audio call service to its users. Thus contacting friends or family has been much more easier and real with instant messaging chat apps. You can check who your kid is in contact with through the Viber app with OgyMogy. Check the audio and video call log and voice message to know about the contact list. OgyMogy let you know about the kid’s digital company.

Check Shared Media Content:

Another attractive feature offered by the instant messaging app is that it allows the user to share media content through the app as well. Thus share your favorite mp3 song, or funny video, any document or other format. Everything is possible and easy with Viber and other instant messaging apps recording features. Keep an eye on the media content shared and make sure no triggering or adult content is rotated in the Viber circle of your teenager.

Assure Your Kids Online Safety:

Keep an eye on the contact list of your teen. The Viber spy app can help you in protecting the online safety of your kid by saving them from stalkers, bullies, and any other form of harassment. OgyMogy helps the user to make the online world a safe place for your kid.

Social media features offered by the OgyMogy other than Viber recorder include FB spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Line spy app, Skype spy app, Imo spy app, Hike spy app, Tumblr spy app, and many others.  With the frequent involvement of social media in everyday life routine, it is now a mandatory action to know about the teenager’s digital life with monitoring software.

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