Snapchat is a mobile app that is accessible in both android and iOS devices. You can use the application to send photos and videos to your friends and family via snaps. The message or snaps you send to anyone will be available for a short time and after you see the snap, it will get disappear.

What Do You Understand with Green Arrow Check on Snapchat?

The green arrow check on Snapchat is just like other Snapchat symbols and icons that are used by Snapchat top alert you with some notification. You can see lots of icons on Snapchat and all of these icons have different meanings. All the icon carry different color which resembles a different notification. Let us look at all the icon son Snapchat.

Arrow Symbols Used on Snapchat

Below you will know about all the Arrow symbols on Snapchat. All these symbols are used for specific purposes.

Red Arrow

The filled red arrow check is used to show that you have sent a snap and it does not contain audio. And an empty red arrow shows that it does not contain audio and it’s opened.

Purple Arrow

A Filled Purple arrow check that the snap you sent contains audio and an empty purple check show that it contains audio and it is opened.

Blue Arrow

A filled blue arrow check demotes that you have sent a chat and the empty blue allow denotes that the chat is opened and read by the receiver.

Grey Arrow

A grey arrow check means that you have sent a person a snap and the person is not accepted your friend request.

Green Arrow

A green arrow check means that your friend has received the cash that you have sent using Snapcash.

There are also many emojis used on Snapchat like the above-mentioned arrow symbols. Let’s also get to know the special ones.

Gold Heart

You can see a gold heart symbol on Snapchat as appeared next to a friend’s name and it resembles that you have sent the most snaps to the person and the person has also sent you the most number of snaps in return.

Red Heart

The red heart symbol denotes best friends. It appears when you send the most number of snap to each other for 2 weeks. When you both do so, the heart appears next to that friend’s name.

Pink Hearts

The pink heart emoji is considered as the symbol for highest level of friendship that you achieve on Snapchat. It indicates that you are best friends forever. It appears when you send most number of snap to each other for 2 months or more.


The Snapchat Grimace emojis indicates that you and other person has the same best friend. The person is not close to you both have a mutual best friend.


The smile emoji shows that you both are close friends. It simply shows that the person is one of your best friends. The person who carries the smiley is the one, whom you send lots of snaps.


The Snapchat sunglasses emoji shows that you and the other person is sharing a close friend who carries the smile emoji.


The Snapchat hourglass emoji appear next to a friend’s name when the snapstreak is about to get over. It’s an indicator that you and your friend should now send each other snaps as you haven’t sent it from the last 24 hours.

Smirk Emoji

When a smirk emoji appears next to your friend on Snapchat, it shows that you are their best friend but the person is not your best friend. This simply means that the person sends most numbers of snaps to you but you do not send him/her most number of snaps.


The Snapchat fire emoji indicates Snapstreak. It appears when you and your friends have been sharing snaps with each other within 24 hours or more than the following day.

We hope that you are now informed about what green arrow check and other famous symbols mean on Snapchat.

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