Bright paper cardstock is thicker than an ordinary one. Inkjet or laser printers print it well. The intensity of colors of bright paper influences the printed ink colors because they are not opaque. It possesses a smooth surface due to which is easily printable. It is the best option for handwriting, stamping, and other craft projects. This is very famous for producing invitation cards, business cards and other kinds of cards. It is flexible as compared to normal writing paper. It presents excellent designing and customization options. Creative ideas can make it novel and unique. It comes with a lot of unique and vibrant color schemes. Here are techniques to make bright cardstock.

Utilizing Sponges to Create a Pattern

Sponges are synthetic or naturally occurring soft and porous materials. Sea sponges occur naturally. Synthetic sponges comprise polyester, polyurethane, or vegetal cellulose. Sea sponges or any other kind of sponges help prepare unique patterns on bright cardstock. It is a convenient method. Sea sponges form more irregular impressions as compared to other household sponges. The first thing is to decide its color, then squeeze a small amount of paint onto a plastic plate. After that, dip a sponge into that and pounce the sponge on the paper irregularly. Repeat this procedure at its different parts using different parts of the sponge. You can dip the sponge in any kind of ink, paint, or chalks.

Stippling Creates the Speckled Effect

Stippling is a process in which artists frequently emulate to generate vibrant illustrations using different shades or small dots. These kinds of designs may also occur naturally. In this technique, you need a cylindrical, flat-top stenciling brush. After carefully selecting the colors of ink or paint, spout a small quantity of color onto a plate. Load some amount of paint or ink on the brush. Then remove the excess of it by tapping it on some scrap plate. Move the brush vertically and gently tap on the paper. Carefully tap it on this, and do not drag it. They may apply stippling to its small portion or all parts. Proceed it for your project after drying.

Painting with Mini Rollers

A mini roller is a robust tool of painting that is equally beneficial to both homeowners and professionals. It is the best tool to color tight spaces along the edge of a wall or ceiling. They come in different widths and lengths. They roll paint on the surface of business cards, invitation cards, or any other cards. It makes a soft and ultrafine background. After painting with mini rollers, the paper gets a similar texture as the walls painted with mini rollers. Dip the roller into color and roll out this roller onto your cardstock for obtaining a vibrant display. It is interesting to use more than one color for unique and robust color schemes.

Using a Finger to Create a Robust Drawing

This procedure is the most convenient and easy to apply. You only use your fingers to produce innovative drawings and illustrations. In this process, pour some paint onto some plates and then squeeze it with a finger. Load your finger with it or ink and make beautiful sketches. Different fingers can carry different colors and help you make drawings conveniently. Just tap or drag your finger wherever you wish to create a design. This produces patterns on its all parts or some of the parts. You can move your finger back and forth to portray innovative impressions. This is an excellent method to give an enticing look to your cardstock.

Crinkling Generates Wrinkled Paper

This method forms many bends or ripples into the paper. The idea is that first crinkle your cardstock to produce creases or bends into cards. After that, rub a small quantity of instant age varnish into those creases with the help of a finger. This is a strategy to give it an heirloom look. This technique is employed to make it look old. Another strategy is that blend a walnut colored ink into acrylic paint and then apply this onto paper or use a light paint wash on it, keep it for drying, and then scuff off some sandpaper. In another method, chalk its edges to give it an old look. This process is very innovative in preparing bright cards.

Dragging through Paint

This is also an easy method to formulate enticing impressions. Pour some paint or ink onto the plate and drag different items through it when it is wet. Doing this will create beautiful designs on the page. A comb or simply a fork can perform this procedure. Using this strategy, you can produce designs on all portions or some of its parts. Another process is that take a dye ink pad and keep dragging it across the paper until the desired design is formed. In this procedure, if you lay it on some gravel surface, there happens some pebbling effect. Hence, dragging is also a strategy to generate robust patterns.

Embossing Provides an Excellent Finish

This is a technique that raises a three-dimensional image on paper. This raised portion maybe some image, text, or design. There are many ways of producing embossed designs. It is simple to perform it with a stylus and stencil. In this process, they create a raised 3D impression by pushing the stylus against the stencil. Another method is to do this through an embossing folder. Place the paper in an embossing folder and a sandwich of hard plates. Then squeeze it manually or through some electric machine. It results in a raised illustration. An embossed expression raises against the background. Embossing ink or embossing powder is used to produce raised 3D illustrations and images.

There are numerous methods to generate bright paper cardstock. These processes make it alluring and enticing. There are many other techniques that they can employ to make bright cardstock, and we have mentioned only a few. The selection of proper and bright colors is an important factor to consider. Beautiful colors give excellent display attributes. Bright and innovative designs increase the worth of cardstock.

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